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Over the years of working with couples in distress I have learned a great deal about how and why relationships struggle.  Eager to help more couples improve their communciation, strengthen their connection and live happy lives together, I want to share what I have learned.


In Fix Your Partner in 10 Easy Steps or Less! I break things down into two basic steps.  


    1. Stop doing the things that hurt.  

    2. Start doing the things that cultivate connection.  


Life is all about how you feel.  If it feels good to be with someone, you will move closer. If it hurts, you won't!  In my book I explain why we attached to others, why we get emotional and they lay out pragmatic steps you can take today to change how it feels to be in your relationship. It is possible to change how your partner repsonds to you.  In my book, I give you the tools to build the secure and loving relationship you desire.


Part 1            Why Relationships Are Messy

Chapter 1     We Can’t Communicate!

Chapter 2     Can This Book Really “Fix” My Partner?

Chapter 3     Why We Attach

Chapter 4     Why We Have Emotions

Chapter 5     Reactivity Will Wreck Your Relationship


Part 2           Stop the Insanity!

Chapter 6    Step 1: Build a Repair Kit

Chapter 7    Step 2: Stop the Misunderstandings

Chapter 8    Step 3: Stop Being a Dictator

Chapter 9    Step 4: Stop Shoulding on Your Partner

Chapter 10  Step 5: Stop the Guerilla Warfare

Part 3              The Recipe for Love

Chapter 11     Step 6: Make Time to Connect

Chapter 12     Step 7: Communicate You Care

Chapter 13     Step 8: Be Responsive

Chapter 14     Step 9: Cultivate Moments of Connection

Chapter 15     Step 10: Love Your Partner Their Way

Chapter 16     Bonus Step: Follow the Recipe for Love

Chapter 17     Final Chapter: The Fruit Awaits!

Chapter 18     What to Do for More Help


Addendum     How to have a hard conversation