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"You will love the step-by-step exercises in this book, the scripts for fixing challenging communication patterns, and an insightful new way of perceiving secure relationships."

- Marianne Marlow, LMHC, Heart Centered Healing Arts 

"Don't be deceived by the lightness of the humor - Marlon Familton captures key messages from findings of the most valuable research on marriage in the past 25 years . . ."

- Jennifer Elf, MS, LMHC, Certified in Gottman Method and EFT Couples Therapy


We are supposed to feel secure in our relationships and believe our partner has our back. Unfortunately the way we respond and communicate with each other often leaves us feeling alone, angry, and ready to fight.

In Fix Your Partner in 10 Easy Steps or Less! you’ll get:    

  • What you are really fighting about

  • Why arguments get emotional and what to do

  • How to stop hurting each other and fueling arguments

  • How to motivate your partner to work on the relationship

  • Steps to stop violating the basic rules of relationships

  • Steps to create the secure love connection you desire

“Familton manages to break down the convoluted mess of emotions, reactions and poor communication into a step by step guide to fixing your relationship.”  

             - Greg McBride, professional counselor for thirty years

"A marvelous tool for understanding relationships and communication.” 

                                       - C Preston, MA MA LMFT

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"After six years of work to make this my best effort, I am proud to announce my book is ready to go!  I hope you find this a supportive tool for creating the secure love and relationship you deserve!"

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