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Have you taken the time to become an expert on your partner?  Do you know what is hard for them? What to say when they are hurt? How to soothe and comfort them?  Do you know what fills their bucket 'O love?  If not, you must.  And, they must to.  This tool will help you learn how to take care of each other in a deeper and connection building way.

Often times one parnter is trying while the other is angry and distant.  Then when they are ready to try, the other is angry and distant.  What would be possible if you both tried at the same time?  This tool will create the structure you need to start building a better foundation of effort, one brick at a time.

We don't actually use nuclear weapons because no one would win.  In conflict there are rules to ensure a basic level of safety. Do you follow rules of engagment when you and your partner disagree or argue?  Or, do you go for the jugular because you are hurt or angry?  No matter what, your relationship is supposed to be the place where you are safe no matter what. To maintain that safety, you must be following some rules of engagment.

When things aren't working and you can't seem to get along with your parnter, of course you are going to ask this question. At least eventually.  When you are confused about what to do, to stay or go, this tool can help you process that decision


When you are hurting, you want to feel better fast.  Here are some tools to help you and your partner start working to make your relationship extra special, today!

If you don't know your partner is unhappy, how can you address it?  If you don't check in to make sure your partner is happy, how can you know they are?  If they aren't happy, why would they stay motivated to work toward your happiness?  This document will help you gather feedback and make sure you stay on track toward a happy life together.

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